Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Science of Love

Did you ever say to yourself in a moment of glee from the power of love, that you wish some billionaire would find this feeling, put it into pill form and bottle it, so that everyone in the world would feel like this?

I have.

There is no greater feeling than the euphoria of love. It almost makes you question why you wouldn't choose that feeling everytime. If you felt like that all the time, think of all the everyday things in life that would normally bother you, that you would now be immune to.

I would like to be in a lab looking at someone's brain condition when they are in this state. I would love to see the neurons flashing and conducting electrical sparks inside their brain and see how the brain operates. And conversely, I would like a comparative analysis of when just the opposite is true.

Because we as humans, go through this everyday.

You can spot a person in a good mood a mile away, and you can also spot someone having a bad day just the same. What makes your body rule over your emotions, that start from your brain and creates these moods? Can we overcome these emotions?

But that's just half my thought...

What if you are in a relationship and you are not happy. You are not attracted to your partner anymore? Obviously, there was a time when you were attracted to that person. Can you get that feeling back? During this process of losing attraction, there were obvious steps and events that created perception on your end, that made you lose attraction. In many cases, the partner is oblivious to this. We bundle it inside and hope that it will change or simply just go away.

But it never does.

It just continually snowballs until you get to the point of no return. And at that point, it is simply impossible to get it back. And the worst thing is, that we have allowed it to get to this point.

Shame on us.

To have found love, and let it get away because of our selfish ways.

I know too many friends these days who are in this boat right now, and it's just sad. I too, have been in this boat, and it took me years to get over it. So I would think now, that knowing where you have been in this situation would make you much more knowledgeable; but it doesn't.

Listening to your body doesn't mean that you can control it. And there are certain things that your body tells you that betrays what you think. And guess what? -The brain always wins.

Women especially have this internal battle between their hearts and their brains. If they just went with what their brains said, they would always be right. If they listened to their heart, they would always be happy...

How's a girl to win?

Guys are a little different. We just end up listening to the little head as opposed to the big head and then we sort it out from there. We just end up paying for it later in some form or another.

I heard once that Love is an irrational emotion; and it usually has very little to do with common sense.

I thought, "How true that really is!" There are so many intangibles to love that you simply can not keep track of, can you? You ask yourself all the time, "why do I find that attractive?" You don't know why, but you do know that you just do.

Ah, love will make us do some really crazy things in life. Some good, and some bad. but the point is, that love inspires us.

It's simply your choice on the way it inspires you...


  1. I am still in love AND attracted to the man i married.. how often do you suppose this happens?

  2. I thought what you wrote was beautiful.

  3. i have read that love is not an emotion, but a behaviour or an action. being in love is an emotion, it's the fairy tell that is sold through Disney, Hallmark, etc, but it does not last and for good reason. it is really just a fleeting feeling of lust. but to love someone is to do things that show you care, make sacrifices... all actions, not feelings. and these actions help strengthen your relationship and the love one has for the other person and vice versa. of course if one's relationship partner cheats or otherwise violates the relationship, then the relationship can end but some still find ways of overcoming that pain and making the relationship even stronger still...


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