Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanks for your Feedback on my Blogs

I realize that you could spend you time in any other capacity, so the fact that you read my blogs is very flattering. I have had an amazing amount of feedback from you, and mostly in many ways that I never thought. Emails, Comments, Posts; all are really unexpected. And it seems mostly that I get it from people I never expected to read my blogs.

I never sat out to blog for the feedback, or the comments or to crawl up somebody's ass. I have done it to express my view which to me, is very therapeutic. I am not out to blast anyone, or try to start a fight. I hope that if you are reading my blogs that I have come across with my opinion, but have backed it with logical reasons, and have fought fair.

I really am touched that I get the many responses that I do. It really surprises me, and it gives me much more confidence in my writing. In many ways, it's very difficult to write in this forum because you really don't know how it's going to be received. It may be great, or it may be crap. But you never know until the end of the day.

I hope that I bring up topics in life that you can identify with, and some that you have thought about but never spoke about outloud. That is my intent. I think somebody has to say these things to create awareness instead of us living with our heads in the ground like an ostrich.

Please feel free to comment as always. I never strike statements, and you can always comment as anonymous. If you find that something good that strikes you, or if you totally disagree, I would always like to hear your side.

Thanks again for reading my blogs. I hope to continue to be part of your daily routine as you are part of mine...


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