Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who are you racist towards?

It's a broad question, but I would like to know at what point could you say that someone is racist. If you are white and you hate white people, does that make you racist? There are so many people out there and so many biases. So many nations hating each other, so many religions hating each other, and the list goes on. I think that someone who claims that they are NOT racist is not thinking clearly, and is really just lying to themselves. Let's start with me then...

First of all, I would like to admit, that there are certain TENDENCIES I despise in any person regarless of race. I will start out with a few...

I really shake my head at Hip Hop Blacks and their gun slinging, bling wearing, retarded-talking, way of living and representing. (I'm not saying ALL blacks, I'm saying the HIP HOP Blacks)

First of all, they talk like retards. They aren't taught to talk like this, they CHOOSE to sound stupid and sound like they are uneducated. Would I say that I'm racist against this stereotpe of black person? Absolutely.
They make it completely unlogical to actually respect of like them. Their whole life is represented in crime, money glorification, woman beating, and violence.

But on the other hand, I LOVE and admire the intelligence and leadership of
Martin Luther King Jr. I think that if he were alive today and saw what Black America has progressed to, I think he would hang his head in shame at his people's action and choices.
People like Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama just to name a few, make it impossible to hate an entire race of Blacks simply as the colour of their skin, but as ML King said, but "by the content of their Character" -And it's the content of the character (or lack of) in Hip Hop Blackness that I despise. It is anti-social in action, yet is allowed to be popular, and continue. I just don't understand it...

But I'm white. So let me instead revert back to my own people...

Just because someone shares my skin colour doesn't mean that I'm not racist against them either. I would never want to be catagorized by white supremists, neo-nazis, white trailer park trash like Eminem, or the southern bible belt in the States. I don't believe in white republicans like Ann Coulter and what their message brings. And if I were not white, I would certainly hate the message these people are slinging on me. So I guess I hate white people too.

Russian mobs are white, but I would never want to associate with them either. Some radical other white communities like Muslim haters, or Jews that hate Muslims wouldn't fit my appreciation either. That doesn't leave a whole lot of white people that I know of. So I guess I dislike the majority of white people.

I think that Asian gangbangers give their parents and all the hard working millions and billions of Asians and incredibly bad name. It's easy to say you hate Asians just because the uneducated and poor slums produce a lifestyle that HipHop deams glamourous, and so they go about being poor examples of a once beautiful culture.
Before the tyrany of the Japanese onslaught in WW2, they had a perceived image of respect and balance. Now would you say this with the advent of the subculture this has brought on?

My point is, I pretty much hate stupid people. I wish that you could take all these people regardless of their skin colour, and just place them on an island somewhere and let them kill each other off one by one. There would be only one race that you could call them, and that's regardless of their ethnic origin.

Stupid, ignorant people need to be a race of their own, so that I could be proud to say that I'm racist against them...

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  1. There are many stupid people in this world and it also drives me mad!!! I try to not give them the time of day though. They're not worth it!


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