Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christian Values

I love it when I hear Christians talk about Muslims being terrorists, suicide bombers, degrading their women ect. These people talk as if Christians have been so innocent and pure in the world, not realizing that Christianity has committed more atrocities in the name of God and Christ than all terrorists combined.

The slave trading which went on for centuries, the crusades, colonization, christian missionaries converting continents of people from their own beliefs. The corruption of the Catholic church and the cover-ups that we know about and more importantly, the ones we DON'T KNOW about. I could go on and on about how terrible Christianity has been.

I was speaking to a woman a little while ago and all she kept telling me was how Canada was selling out to the Jews, Muslims and Hindus and including them despite the fact that Canada was historically settled and founded by Christians.

And my reply was "Who fucking cares?"

I mean seriously, who really cares?! All I care is that every Canadian gets their freedoms and rights protected. I don't care if or who you worship, I love the fact that you have your right to a choice in Canada, and that it's protected by people who aren't religious fanatics.

You know, I find it really funny that any Torah, Bible or Qua'ran divides people from really doing one thing, and that's worshipping God. A secondary nature is to "do unto others" which would really change the entire way the world operates if people just followed it. Yet, all of these religions seem to want to assert themselves and try to change everyone else to their way of thinking or worship when they are really missing the point of what religion brings to your life.


Live your life the way you want to. Be peaceful. It actually allows you to live longer and healthier with a larger contribution.


Try and change the world by force. It will be a lifetime struggle with no end, and you will encounter wave after wave of people who hate you, and whom you hate. You will conquer and be conquered and at the end of your life will you feel that you made a difference in trying to change people?

What a waste of a life...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. "A person convinced against their will, is of the same opinion still."

Worry about yourself. I know that in my life, I've got enough there to keep me occupied for decades. I've got no time or energy to try and worry about other people and how they are getting rights that "Christian Values" gave them 300 years ago. Good for them. Let them have a wonderful life.

I can't control the way the world happens. I can only control my reaction to it.

So I could really care less about what colour the Prime Minister or President is. I could care less who he worships, or if he does at all. All I care is that he has a love for this country like no other, and its people which make up the nation. I care that he has a deep rooted commitment to our freedoms and protecting the way of life that we enjoy.

Be he Christian or not, or be he a "She", I don't really care. All I care is that you have a choice and it isn't thrown down our throats.

So be respectful of other's right to freedoms because I would tell you that if they didn't have the right to theirs, it would probably mean that you wouldn't have your rights either...

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