Sunday, December 18, 2011

Every Woman Deserves a Man That Can Make Her Forget Her Heart Was Ever Broken

I saw this on facebook today and I thought "True."

Then I thought immediately as a defensive male and said, "And every man deserves a woman that won't make him pay for the sins of HER past"

And then it hit me...We are all so victimatic.

We all deserve to treat each other like bigger people than we do. We keep all of our partners small in our own minds because we think they can't handle it, rather than just being up front in our communication with each other.

The real stopping point in this entire situation is our past. We make our partners wrong for something that they did that dredged up some shit from OUR own past. Most of the time, our partners have no idea that they have triggered some sort of bad feeling in us, and how could they?! They are just being themselves, and then we make them wrong for something that happened to us in a past relationship that wasn't completed.

And then it gets ugly...

We start to get mean and petty, bitter, defensive and then we lash out and name call and demean. All because of OUR past of how we were treated, and not theirs.

And for those of you who are reading this and saying, "But He/She did THIS!" -I get it. People do some pretty shitty things. YOU have done some pretty shitty things and NOT been caught. Some people have standards of what they think is right, and then think it is so. Others, not so much. Just because you don't share a standard, doesn't mean that people are wrong. Yet, we certainly make them wrong, don't we?

You know, I think this is somewhat humorous though. I think God must look down at us people and just have to laugh at some of the petty shit we hold on to. In fact, I was thinking about this the other day and I came up with a new way of approaching women on a date.

I think that I will walk up to a girl I'd like to date and instead of asking her out, say something like this:

"You know I really think that we'd all have a great time if we all went out together sometime"

She would most likely give me the strangest look in the world. Possibly she would think that I am asking her on a group date, but more than likely, she would ask to clarify. Let's just say that she says, "what do you mean?"

And here's what I would say...

Well, we all have a past, right? I mean, you look like a nice woman, but certainly there will come a time where you remind me of someone or something I didn't like, and then I'm going to make you pay for it like you actually MEANT to do it to me. And surely I would be arrogant to not think that I will be able to do the same to you, because of YOUR past, right? So why don't we just admit this, and gather up all of the people from our past and just bring them along on our date together before determining what we're not going to like in each other?"

I mean, we're gonna do it anyway right? So why don't we just agree to it right now?

-"So, do you want to go out with us?"

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