Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve With Pal

On such a quiet Christmas Eve night, I decided to spend it with an old friend. I've known her since 2000 when we met by accident. She made the first move too. She made it known that she wanted to come home with me, and I never considered otherwise.

She's a quiet girl, yet that's not to say that she speaks up when she has something that needs to be said. She has bounds of energy, and can run circles around me and she usually does. She likes to take the referree approach in life, and mostly likes to corral people inside her circle of life.

Of course, I'm taking about my Boarder collie/Sheltie mix dog Pal here. She's 12 years old now, and I'm thinking that this may be her last Christmas with me. She has ruined me for every having another dog who will ever be able to replace her in my heart, or the heart of my daughter. She has been a truly wonderful gift to my life, and a boy could never ask for a better friend.

So Pal and I are going to go for a midnight walk in the crisp Christmas Eve night air. I figure that a cup of Hot Chocolate in hand, and a stroll with my favourite girl by my side will etch this moment in my mind. And who knows, maybe we will look to the sky and see a tiny sleigh with 8 tiny reindeer pulling it through the night.

Such nights as these are truly magical; They can only exist in remembering these moments. Yet tonight, I feel that there is enough magic in the air to create one more wonderful moment in our lives together that has the bond of boy and his dog feel timeless.

And tonight, it will be...

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