Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Idiot Destroys the Genius In All of Us.

Did you ever have a day where you thought that you weren't making a difference on this earth?

If you say no, you are simply in denial, because everyone has a thought in their head at some point in their life that no matter how much of an impact we are making, there is always that thought in our head that wants to keep us small. It wants to rip down our contribution by telling us what we AREN'T doing, and it makes living with ourselves unbelievably challenging at times.

What I want to tell you is that this is called being a human being. Too many times, it's not talked about. Thoughts of "what would happen if I just killed myself" or "life would be better without me" are simply NORMAL. -We all have these thoughts, yet only the brave people admit to them.

And yet, as powerful and destructive as these thoughts are, they are just thoughts. They are no different than the thought of, "I think I would like to have sex with that person" A thought is only as powerful as what we make it mean. If we add truth and reality to it, then that's exactly what it becomes in our own world, doesn't it? So in the end, whether you choose to believe that thought or think it's crazy, you are exactly right in either equation.

There is a story about a genius in chemistry. A young man who had unparalleled knowledge of the field. However, Despite being a genius. he was extremely hard on himself. He couldn't allow the genius to exist alone, and he recognized that there was a side of himself that he hated, and hated him. He called this side of himself "The Idiot" and often had thoughts of killing himself to rid himself of the pain of existence. He thought by drinking acid, he would make a tremendous exit from life, and had it all planned out.

Just as he was preparing to commit suicide, he put the glass of acid to his mouth to drink it. Then it occurred to him. -The Idiot was going to kill off BOTH of them. -The genius in us always succumbs to the idiot.

Here's what I want to tell you.

You are important to hundreds of people in your life. If you think that I may not know you well enough to say that, but that's the idiot in you talking, and not the genius.

You make a difference in every one's life that you come into contact with. You affect 300 people that you don't even realize in ways that would shock you. You contribute to life despite the fact that you think you underachieve. -You don't. You are perfect just the way you are. Just get rid of the junk around you that you are allowing to hold you back that ISN'T you. -Just because you HAVE a history, doesn't mean that you ARE your history.

Be bold and realize that you are loved, and that you are worthy of it. Because THAT thought is actually true, and even the idiot can't argue with that...

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