Friday, December 16, 2011

Remembering Dan Fogelberg

My uncle David first introduced me to many of the artists I have come to love so much. Because of him, I developed a real love for music, and being expressed through it. He taught me how to play guitar, and I really grew attached to most of his music interests.

Out of all the music that I was introduced to, there was an artist named Dan Fogelberg who really seemed to be the dark horse. He didn't seem to have a whole lot of popularity, which surprised me because his music was fantastic. He wrote songs that I really connected to, and I felt many times like he was describing my feelings in his songs. I guess that's the characteristic of a great song writer; that they connect their thoughts and feelings to music that you can identify with.

Dan Fogelberg was probably most well known for his hits in the 80's "Longer" and "Leader of the Band", yet every time at the Holiday Season, I hear his classic "Same Old Lang Syne" and I can really feel it.

The song talks about randomly meeting his Ex Lover on New Year's Eve, and how they spend the evening talking and sharing before parting ways. I think everyone of us has experienced something like this, and I certainly can feel connected to his tale of passion and woe.

How he was able to take words and make them feelings is a talent that he truly had in his career. One of my most favourite lines comes from one of his songs called, "Make Love Stay"

It asks a question that is thought of universally, and I thought I would share it with you today.

"Now that we love... -Now that the lonely nights are over, how do we make love stay?"

If every question has an answer, then I would like to think that this query contains it's own reply. Even if it takes a lifetime to learn, it is worth the effort, for Love truly IS the most wonderful emotion and feeling of them all.

Thank you Dan Fogelberg for your life of contribution, and I wish you God Speed in your next journey.

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