Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bachelor

Ok, ok, ok, I know...

The Bachelor..

I shouldn't be watching such trash. The first thing I said last night when I clicked the guide at 8 o clock last night was, "Damn, 2 hours?! I'm gonna waste 2 hours tonight watching this?"

The sad thing is,.. if it was 3 hours, I would've probably watched the entire thing.

But to my defence, it's not because it's quality programming. Obviously, I would much rather watch something of benefit to me and my life. It’s like watching a train wreck. –It’s horrible, but you simply can’t stop looking at it! This show just lets me forget how crappy my life may ever get, because their lives are much worse!! It's like watching The Jersey Shore, The Hills, and other stupid "reality" shows to see how stupid some people will be to get their 15 minutes of fame.

I watch this show, and you would think that after 14 seasons of the show, they would actually find 25 young, professional, mature, good-looking women, and an all-star millionaire man with chiseled good looks and people skills to match. -Throw in an athletic body, and you have the makings of a great show.

Not like this crap that we are watching...

And my god, the drama!

I'm not stupid, I know that The Bachelor edits the program to put their slant on how they want the program to come across...but what I am talking about is how dumb the women are! And before you start in on me, I'm not talking about women in general, because the men from The Bachelorette are just as stupid.

It seems that if you place 25 Alpha-Males, or Females in a room with each other, add a TV crew, and the ultimate prize of a single rose, that anyone could create this. It sounds too easy! In fact, I wonder if summer camps will take on this brilliant idea to spice up things around the summer camp fires?

It just seems to me that people just demonstrate the fact that they have absolutely NO self-control. I mean, here you are on TV... For most of them, this is their one chance to portray themselves in a professional manner. So you would think that they would DRINK LESS, and take it much more seriously. But not these people... No, they drink MORE, make asses of themselves by wearing a flight attendant/fetish uniform to a cocktail party, or a bikini, or they start airing dirty laundry from the start, and then start crying on cue. My god, real actors and actresses cannot do this 90% of the time!!

And for some reason, this guy Jake seems just too painful to watch. He seems like a nice guy, but it's almost like he's TOO nice, and it's just awkward to watch. True, his body is incredible, and he has great looks, but he almost appears like there is something wrong with him socially. Maybe that's why a good-looking pilot with a body to die for is still single and looking at his age…

And my other beef is this... Who has dates in the real world where you get to have a 6 Flags amusement park all to yourself and enjoy a night of fireworks just for you and your honey (that you don't kiss...), go flying over Malibu, only to hop in a 1920's Great Gatsby car to drive to a private concert given to you by a massive band like …CHICAGO?!

I mean, who COULDN'T fall in love with a date like that? Hell, if he took ME on that date, he would have me at "Hello"... So how the hell do you go from a Malibu beach house, with helicopters, champagne at every toast, trips, concerts and big diamond rings to your regular pilot gig in Texas? Impossible.

That’s like masturbation without the pay-off…

Maybe I'm just a poor boy who can't afford date like this, but I might think that you are attracting the wrong idea, and that it may be a little harder to raise the bar after this one Jake, ol' buddy, ol' pal.

Why don't you do yourself a favour...Kiss as many girls as you want, and have as much fun as you can. Enjoy your wardrobe, and all the perks that come with being ABC's Bachelor, and when the curtain falls, and it’s just you and the girl you have chosen, and you are under the belief that you both have found love, give it a bit of time. Don't do anything under this cloud of judgment. Call me auld-fashioned, but I don't believe that love will be found this way, and especially not maintained this way.

But maybe that's because I live in Canada, and we don't have all that cool stuff you have in Southern Cal...

We just have regular dates here, great seasons, and down to earth people who can't cry on cue, and women who get roses, and then jump staffers the next minute, like Rozlyn. Well, maybe I should amend that.

We do have great seasons here in Canada...;)

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  1. chuck, thank god you are who you are....cause if you were the NEXT bachelor..... I am sure I wouldn't be the only one disowning you..... lol....
    It is seriously painful to watch.... have to admit, did two seasons, couldn't do more.....


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