Friday, January 8, 2010

Kellie Pickler and Being Dumb...

Watch the above video...

Ladies and Gentlemen...Kellie Pickler; and American Country and Western Singer from North Carolina.

I simply don't know how Jeff Foxworthy can contain himself here as well as he does. Well done, Jeff because you are a bigger man than I would be...

Now, when you are THIS dumb and show it, either on a TV show, in a bar, or public place, you deserve to hear about it. But when you are this dumb and you represent more than yourself, it becomes a different story.

This woman represents much more than herself. There's one thing to be dumb, but then there's another thing to be ignorant. And that's just what this woman is. -Plain Ignorant.

I'll run down a list of the things that this woman represents and how people would look at her and say that she single-handedly has set the woman's movement back a good 50 years. -But it doesn't stop there. Here is a list of people she has just offended by association...

1) Blonde Women.

It’s bad enough that blondes get a bad rap over the years, but this makes it a no-brainer.

2) Southerners.

With this accent of hers and dumb and stupid she sounds, she offends Southerners, because they are certainly not all like this.

3) Americans in general

Certainly, it can be said that Americans are pretty uneducated in world history, geography, and they are ignorant to the metric system, but this makes her education seem like a waste of time

4) The Country and Western music industry.

Just by being in the Country and Western music industry makes her style of music look bad.

5) Anybody who ever took a geography class or even went to school!

I could go on and on about this woman being a waste of time as far as geography goes. In fact you could probably go as far to say what she DOESN’T know could fill an entire library. But you get the picture…

This girl just makes me so angry. Obviously, she is very pretty. But it is also obvious that she has relied on her looks all the way through her life, and has become the product you see before you.

Now, obviously Kellie has some strengths and she does a lot of charity work, but just seeing her makes my skin cringe. I'm not saying that she's a bad person. But if you can't stop yourself from being ignorant, then I certainly wouldn't want to be around her.

My last point would say, that if you don’t know something, just leave it at that. No need to make yourself and the people you might represent look even worse…

I would just hate to be her press agent...


  1. I wonder if perhaps this isn't a case of a dumb person also being ignorant...?

    Some people really shouldn't think out loud... imagine the stuff she ISN'T sharing...

    Of all the choice moments, I think my favorite part has to be "BudaPEST? I've never even heard of that... but like, I know they speak French there."



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