Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Sliding Doors" are there for a reason...

I was coming home late last night from hockey, when I thought I would stop by a Drive-Thru so I could grab a bite to eat for the ride home. It was a 24 hour Drive-Thru, and I was the only one in line. I had to wait for my order for about a total of maybe 5 minutes or so... When I finally got my order, I drove forward and realized that the attendant had not given me a straw for my drink. A little annoyed, I thought to myself that I was gonna have to go all the way around again to get another one.

"He had 5 minutes waiting for my order...There's no reason why he could've not packed me a straw. -I'm the only guy in line, it's not like he was busy or something." I thought.

I drove around again, and asked him for a straw. He was immediately apologetic, and I said, "It's ok, no big deal", and I grabbed the straw and started off on my way.

And that's when I thought, "Maybe this guy just saved my life"?

I was upset at having to wait a total of about 7 minutes for my food, but maybe in the grand old scheme of things, that delay put me out of harm's way, and I will never know it.

We all know people that have been in the crosshairs of fate, and been at the wrong place at the wrong time. -In a matter of seconds, and not mere minutes, lives change and end. -Maybe these sliding doors are there for a reason?

The problem is, we get all miff'ed when we don't get something in a timely fashion, or what we think is acceptable to us at the time. Of course, we think this because we don't know the consequences of what faces us in the near future. -So we have no reasoning about why this delay has inconvenienced us, when in reality, it may have saved our lives, and we will never know it.

There are countless stories of people who missed buses, planes, trains or boats by an odd chance of fate, and live to tell the tale, when others more "fortunate" caught that ride.

-Only to die in an accident.

So looking at my delay last night I could've gotten mad or upset about it, but I was home safe last night; and everyone I love is safe and sound. So, I really can't be upset for my delay.

-Maybe it was there for a reason?

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