Friday, January 15, 2010

People with no Common Sense Kill Me...

I had a run in with a friend of a friend a long time ago. He was absolutely the most abscent minded guy I have ever met. In fact, he was so stupid, you had to actually talk down to him so that he would understand what you were saying, and even then, there was no guarantee that he was gonna "get it"  I don't  know what happened to him, but I don't care. I don't need stupid people in my life that constantly add drama due to their stupidity.

But it made me wonder how stupid people with absolutely no common sense actually get by in life. I say "get by" because they can't be successful. They are already cursed with being stupid, so the best that they can glide by on any gifted day is just to "get by" And that's on a gifted day. God help them on bad days...

A while back, I asked a question "what is the protocall for telling someone that they have really bad breath?"

Well, today I would like to ask the same question about stupid people with no common sense. Should they be told that they are stupid?! Maybe this would be a wake up call if they heard it from more than one person. If more than one person tells you that you are stupid in any given day, should you step back and take notice that it's a possibility that you need some help unlearning what has created your stupidity?

But how would one "unlearn" being stupid when they have obviously spent a long time training for this role? It's taken a lot of hard work ignoring the norm in society, not listening to good advise, not working hard, and certainly not caring about others. -That's a full time commitment to being stupid, and I bet we all know someone who is like that.

So my question is, when does this person with no common sense hit rock bottom like people who are alcoholics, drug, gambling, or sex addicts do? What has to happen to you as a stupid person to realize that you need help? Does it take a whole bunch of small things to convince you, or is it a big thing that needs to rock your world?

I think we should dispose of animal testing, and use stupid humans from every walk of life to do experiments on. I mean, they would be too stupid to realize that we are testing on them, and besides, its for the better of the human race. This way, we could find out the causes of random stupidity and then solve it once and for all.
You can find these people everywhere, and they have to be stopped! If you really want to see what I am talking about, tune into an episode of the Family Feud. You will hear THE dumbest answers you have ever heard in your life...

I know that every hiring manager would stop wishing for stupid people coming through their doors asking for a job, and every person who has ever went out on a date with a stupid person would agree.

Once diagnosed to be a "stupid person," we should neuter them to make sure that they cannot litter the world with babies carrying their moron blood. That seems to be a great idea that nobody has thought of so far! I wonder why? It's for the good of the whole!!

Anyway, I will leave well enough alone right now... But I will still be on the look out for you stupid people out there. What am I saying? There are no stupid people reading my blogs, that would contradict their stupidity, right?


  1. one of my favorite quotes is by judge judy, "looks fade, dumb is forever"
    my best friend fran, her dad used to say
    "common sense is just not that common"
    love your blogs chuck!
    jen d :)

  2. I second that.... Common sense is not that common..... and that is the scary bit....xxxx love your blogs and you know it ;) z

  3. I love it! A facebook friend was asking if anyone knew about pancreatitis, so I - being in the medical field, told he about it and advised her to go to the ER or call her doc. Her pastor had posted a prayer and after my post her friend put this...... "Father, I am in agreement with Jesus and Pastor. I thank You even now. For I know that You are in the midst. Comfort her. Give her peace in every part of her body. Heal her. Restore her. You said "IT IS FINISHED." You said "IT IS FINISHED!!" You said "IT IS FINISHED." And IT IS!! In Jesus' name. Amen." Now, I am a beliver in Jesus, and I know that He answers prayers and heals people, but for the sake of all that is Holy, He also gave us doctors and medicine to heal us as well. So I must ask you Master Chuck, what are the tools that I need to help these poor unfortunate souls? Please advise, because euthanasia is not an option. Oh wait... putting someone out of MY misery is not considered euthanasia is it?


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