Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Much is a Friendly Voice Worth to You?

I am a lucky man to have many great friends...

Not only are they supportive and loving, but they are very charismatic as well. In fact, I can pick up the phone at any given moment and talk to a handful of friends that will always put a smile on my face and make me laugh at my lowest point in the day.

Well, today I was driving through the drive-thru (again) and I was talking to my good friend,
Marc "Funk" Roberts, and while he was yelling at me about not making healthy choices in my eating patterns, I paid for my coffee. It was $3.05, and I gave him $4.05, so I should've gotten a dollar back. But I was getting an earful from Marc for adding sugar to my coffee, that I became distracted and I guess the attendant didn't give me my dollar back. And I was fighting Marc off in my headset while I was driving, that I forgot to ask him for it.

When I got home, I was laughing from my banter back and forth with Marc. We were talking about "Pants on the Ground" from American Idol; and how a 62 year old man with no chance to win American Idol, now has popularized it to the point where Brett Favre is singing it on National TV before heading out to play in the NFC Championship game. What are the chances that a guy so ridiculous, can profit from his craziness?

Anyway, by the time I was home and said goodbye to Marc on the phone, I was laughing my ass off.

Then I realized that I had not gotten my dollar back from Tim Horton's... Well, I wasn't going to go back and tell this guy to give me my dollar back, so I was pissed that it cost me a dollar.

But then I thought of something...

If talking to Marc had cost me a dollar to make me smile and laugh, then I got off easy. I would've paid much more than that to have a friend make to me laugh, and forget all of my troubles for that brief moment. And I realized that I was lucky to have Marc for a friend, and how we always take time out to be positive to each other during our days. I listen to him, and he multi-tasks while he pretends to listen to me... -It's like the perfect hubby/wife

So if talking to Marc distracted me and it cost me a dollar, it was worth it, wasn't it?

So the next time you think about talking to someone, instead of taking for granted who they are, put a value on how much you think that voice at the other end of the phone is worth to you...

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