Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute Shoes

Cute Shoes... or Hoes with an "s" as I always say....

The understanding will never reach me. Women are fancinated by them. Men appreciate a girl with nice footwear, that's a given. Better a bad dress and great shoes, than a great dress and BAD shoes.

So far we are all on the same page right?

Now the diversion starts...

Shoes are a practical thing. Although esthetically pleasurable to the eye, they form a function of one thing. COMFORT. They are an "A" to "B" means of transportation.
Unless you are Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley or Ace Frehley singing and dancing on stage, your heels should not exceed the comfort level of more than 2 inches.

Just the view of cramming your toes in a position like that and basically walking around on your top toes is just asking for trouble. And this especially applies to you bustier women than have problems not tipping over as it is already.

Now comes the choice of these cute shoes. The rule of thumb is that the cuter the shoe, the less shelf life you have in terms of hours of occupancy. A regular run of the mill pair of cute shoes will have a shelf night of no more than 3 hours before the inevitable bitching of how much your feet are killing you begins.
So with REALLY cute shoes, you are looking at about an hour and a half before the bitching process sets in.

This makes for a really shitty conversation of why we now have to leave the party, and why we get bitched slapped for rolling our eyes in the truck on the way home as to not feeling bad for your hurting feet. Its not like you were the first Greek that ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens in a pair of leather soled sandels to save the country from advancing troops. You chose to be stupid because cute shoes have appeal.

And the funny thing is... that we get to do it all over again in 6 more days because it will happen again.

Its like Groundhog Day.

So excuse me if when you walk in from shopping and I don't want to see the new "cutest pair of shoes ever".

I'm going back to my Crocs. They are my new best friend. Well, only because Sarah McLachlan wont return my calls....

Crocs baby, crocs.....

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  1. I am a shoe FANATIC and the only argument I have to this is that shoes are, in certain situations, about more then comfort. And the only time I would bitchslap you would be if you didn't look at my new cute shoes ;)
    That having been said, sometimes you just need a really comfortable shoe and my crocs are just that. Ugly as all hell, but I love them!!



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