Friday, September 25, 2009

Driving without a cell phone headset

I am driving behind a Mercedes Benz and I have my cruise control set so I'm keeping speed. I see that this Benz is light on the pedal, then heavy on it. In and out of his lane and it looks like he is a drunk driver. A number of reasons ingnite, and my spidey-sense kicks in to pass this loser. Curiosity alone makes me just leer at him as I pass on the left.

Just as I thought...cellphone. He's driving with a cell phone and no headset. Worse, this is a Benz Kompressor, so I know that it's a manual stick shift transmission.

I shake my head in disgust and let him know it...What a fucking loser!!

If you have enough money to buy a useless pretentious car like a low end Kompressor just so you can say that you drive a Benz, you should be able to afford a 25 dollar head set so that you can drive hands free. In fact, nowadays they sell cell phones with headsets included. And as well they should. I think there should be a law that a cell phone cannot be sold unless it is accompanied by a headset.

And the worse thing is, I shouldn't have to try and sell this. This shit should sell itself. Why would you want to drive with a cell phone and no headset?! It's just annoying and I can't understand why you would want to.-it's just too practical and easy.

What is worse, is that there are people out there that are simply bad drivers and they need all the help in the world just to keep the car in between the white lines. Without the aid of a headset, some people just don't have the motor skills and co-ordination to do both. And that's a fact. If there was a road test for people to get their licence all over again, I would think that most would fail. If they administered that test with you having to talk on a cell phone, how do you think they would do?

FAIL, that's how they would do.

So do yourself a favour, and the other people that have to be on the road with you. Buy a headset for your cell phone. It may save your life, and take back a terrible moment that could've been avoided.

The Will Smith movie "Seven Pounds" illustrates what can happen when you text and drive, or simply use your cell phone while you are doing it.

Think about it, it just makes sense. I just don't understand why people haven't found out that there is an easier way...

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