Monday, September 21, 2009

The People in Your Life

A weekend has come and gone and again today is Monday. And although this happens every 7 days over and over, this weekend has taught me something more than the average weekend that passes by and gets you back to the grind...

If I look at my life, there are elements that are regrettable, lamented, and questioned. But after this weekend, I realized that the one thing in life that I am thankful for is the time I've spent with those who have truely been good friends and will continue to add to my life.

All the success and tangables in life cannot ever account for that. So here we are at 37, and reflecting back that things are not where you thought they would be and ignoring the obvious that you are missed/loved/appreciated to others who know you.

Well, as another summer comes to a close and I realize that I never know how many more summers I have left in my life, I realize that thankfulness and not bitterness, are the things in life that create energy in life and not take it.

A friend once told me, that because life is short, you need 3 things:

1) A good bed.
You spend a third of your life sleeping and a good bed will keep you healthy and well rested.

2) A good pair of shoes.
You spend 16 hours of day on your feet and they are your life. Treat them well.

3) The company you keep.
Surrounding yourself to those who add to your life and those you can enjoy company with adds to the quality of a person you become.

The rest in life will follow as you add to life. Positive imputs in, are impossible to get negative imputs back. So I've realized that I am very rich in friends and family in my life, and the relationships I've been priviledged enough to be a part of.

Whether I am that little curly-haired kid growing up as the rambunctious kid I was, or the quirky the kid I've become, I love the people in my life.

And if you are someone I've spent time with either past or present, you have made me the person I have become and I love you for that....

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