Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The "New" Women in dating...

With the technology influx in the past couple decades, you have seen new vocabulary for new technologies such as software, blackberry, text message me, and the list could go on and on.

I think just as technology has advanced, so have the dynamic of girls and boys.
The topic I would like to address today is the word "Smother"

It seems to me about 10 years ago that smothering someone was an act punishable by life in prison, It was generally used in a murdering capacity whereas one would watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie, take a pillow to the signifacant other's face in bed and stop them from breathing.

Nowadays, I am certain this term is still viable, but it is now used by females now for giving them TOO MUCH ATTENTION. Is this possible?
10 years ago, that was impossible. You simply couldn't give enough attention to a female. You just couldn't...
They were happy when you gave them attention at all, especially a look over at during the middle of Coach's Corner or on NFL Sunday. That was a special moment of understanding.
So in my experience of dating since I was separated, I have found out little things like the following:
1) Over texting
2 Calling too much to say hi
3) Taking or offering to pay for trips
4) Wanting to spend too much time too fast
5) Avoiding "the talk" (whether we are being exclusive with each other, yeah, THAT talk)

All of these things seem to be a relationship death sentence. But like I said, 10 years ago and you couldn't over do any of these things with your new flame. In fact, you would've gotten the greatest and highest marks for caring!!

But I realize that I am old. And now since I've some out of relationship hibernation (marriage) that women have changed. They all have careers and are so independant, or want to be. It's like the roles reversed, and now a woman is USING me!! lol
Not wanting to move too fast, Give me my space, you are smothering me. Yada Yada Yada
What it breaks down to me, is this...
If you truly have a connection and an attraction, you can do no wrong. If you are missing part of that, you are one step away from being downsized in the relationship game of life. If you think you are walking on eggshells with your mate, you should pack up now and save everyone the trouble. Seems to me, that the person should never have to tell you that they need space.
Either you shouldn't be that far in the first place, or you aren't right for each other at this moment in time.
But it would've been so nice to know this "no smothering" rule with women a couple years ago....

Feel free to leave your thoughts, guys and girls;)

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  1. I think your thoughts years ago still stands...just depends on the woman and if you two are meant to be together. The only time I have ever felt that way was when I was seeing someone that I didnt see having a future with.



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