Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sharing Time with Me

I could be writing to anyone right now. I could be writing to myself, a person I admire, or a person I am mourning.
I know that we have all loved someone with all of our being and we have all lost someone that we have loved with all of our being. So I'm going to leave this up to you, so that you can read this and think of that person that it reminds you of best.

The human memory is absolutely amazing. I think that if you remember something, it is locked in your brain for as long as you want it to remain there. Case in point...I went to a High School reunion. I haven’t seen some of these people in years. I was talking to this guy and I didn’t know him so I asked him what is your name?
He says "Jason Miles".

Hmmmm, Name rings a bell.

I look at his face. Clearly, he has been an adult more than 20 years now, but my memory still sees him dressed as a Funker in funker clothes with red hair spiked to one side on his bmx bike in 1985. It took me 4 seconds to look into his adult face and say, "yep I see it now". It was almost like looking at one of those 3d pictures in the 90's…You can’t see it at first and then, pow. There it is…
The point is, my memory had encapsulated him from the last time I saw him. He could've died, and he would never have aged a day...

As I look at people I have loved, lost, and still have, I am thankful for a memory where I can still hear their voices, see their smiles, laugh at the crazy shit they've done, and remember all the living of life I have shared with them. Each in their own different way or moment. I have given as they have given, a bit of their soul and we shared time. No matter how small, brief, or long; if my memory can recall it, it was special.

There are a lot of things I don't remember, and when someone reminds me, its like a gift that is so unique, its worth its weight in gold. -A timepiece that was dug up and given back to me. Like a buried treasure.

As November 11th comes closer, I tend to get a bit more sentimental. I am truly thankful for all that another year has brought me. I remain ever constant about the price of freedom that I am fortunate to have been born into; that generations of people before me paid for my entry fee.
A real gift.

With that freedom, we live our lives as we want. I have travelled and I met a lot of people. A lot of those people touched my life, and continue to touch it daily and will do so for the remainder of my days. I remember these things and I life my life a little better everyday because of it.

So thank you for the time you’ve spent with me, whomever you are.

But if you think about it hard enough, you know that I’m talking to you....

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