Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Game" nobody wants to play. -But we all play it...

We all play it... Some are better at it than others. In fact, some excel at it while others play it poorly.

They don't teach this game at school, but it is learned on the schoolyard. It starts there and over the periods of lunch and breaks. It gets practiced and you can slowly see the talent level improve through to high school and you get expert levels at Uni/College.

Sometimes the game is unspoken, and sometimes it is spoken with venom. But make no mistake, it is a communication intensive game that will give you extreme highs and lows. And the funny part is that nobody is exempt. Even the expert game players slip up and get taken down, and usually it is by a "weaker" opponent which makes it even more ironic.

The funny part about this is that we are just not realitic. We lament everytime somebody gives us the boot, and feel sorry for ourselves, yet we never think objectively how many times we have administered the same exact hurt on some other person who was endeared to us. We just pretend that this person isn't there and move on with as little effort and time to them as possible and try to not think about them and their hurt because it will make us feel guilty.

But when we get it back...oh God... Our cell phones kick into overdrive, we call everyone from our best friend to anyone who will listen to our pathetic drivel and hit them with the sappiest version of what just happened and how we were victimized.

We are pathetic...

Somewhere up there, God is laughing at us and our moment of weakness and saying, "hang in there, you are learning. Thats what the end goal is".
At the end of the race, we are battle scarred and tougher versions of the formerly naive person we were in our youth. Thus the phrase, "beaten down by life"

The trick of this game is to take the good with the bad. Not taking it personally is a start, but easier said than done. It is a life long battle to perfect this on better levels.

But the point is, don't let this stop you from finding happiness.It is out there in every form. One roadblock/bad experience is guaranteed to find, you so expect it and it will hurt less. It wont stop hurting because we are human, but it will hurt less...

So at the end of my long winded short, I would like to apologize to anyone out there that feels that I have done them wrong in a dating senario, or played a game on them. I'm making no excuses, because they are weak arguments at best. But if I spent time with you, it was because I wanted to be there. Unfortunately, things change in life and priorities shift. And once the time to move on is there, know that if you shared time with someone, it was always a moment in time that helped you learn, and that should be embraced more than the time of hurt that lasts afterwards....


  1. Interesting piece of writing.

    Sadly, there are many people out there who still play the game. I am one of them but I play it differently.

  2. Is the game called spoons?

  3. No it is not called spoons...

    The game is the dating game....As the author was implying, 30-something single male who is not a geek, idiot still sees the immature, grade 3 level behaviour of single women out there. In turn, single women claim the men out there are "losers, only want sex"..may be true but I ask these women...I never hear women wanting, committment, faithfulness etc...or are those words 4-letter words in dating today.


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