Friday, September 18, 2009

Do you have a Jewish Nose?

I was just watching a Dr. Phil (forgive me, I know he's horrible) episode on ethnic cosmetic surgery and I thought I would write a note about this to see how far off I am from those who comment back.

Anytime I write something, people are going to take it the wrong way. I find it amazing how human perception varies so much when people reading the EXACT SAME article will come away with 2 totally different views of what they think the article is saying.

In this episode, an Italian man with a large nose was getting a nose job in order to "look less Italian" as he put it. Nobody will disagree that the Roman Nose on Italians can be quite identifyable. Yet, touching on noses of other races can cause quite a stir.

For Example....If you take African men and women... Now you can eyeball Africans and see a few distinct differences between WEST Africans and EAST Africans.
People from Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Cote D"Ivoire, Liberia differ greatly in the size of person, width of their faces, and noses and lips from East Africans, say from Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and those countries. East Africans do not possess the large prominent nose, lips that is characterized as a "Black Nose"

Kenyans are known for producing elite marathon runners and their body types are a charactization that cannot be confused with a heavier set frame from West Africa. Yet anytime you say something like this, it sparks a debate about stereotype, generalization and racial comparisons.

Eastern Europeans such as Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, and even Germans have a prominent high cheekbone look and if you were to make this generalization, would it produce the same debate as if someone who had blonde hair and blue eyes coming from Scandinavia might?

If you were to say that Jews had a prominent nose that identified them as being Jewish the same way as the Italian with the roman nose on Dr. Phil today did, would that be a racial thing to say? (I'm asking my Jewish friends to help me out on this one)

Why are people so picky on what gives or identifies you on your ethnic make up? I am from Irish heritage on both sides of my parents. People ask me all the time if I have Irish in me. Do I get all bent out of shape?I have blue eyes, small features (nose, ears, lips),and I have fair skin and a tinge of red in my hair.
I don't get all upset if somebody looks at me and says "which way to Dublin?"

So why do people get all bent out of shape when their eyes, noses, cheekbones, height, weight all get factored into what their ethnic background is?! Is it wrong to say that you look West African, Jewish, Asian, or Hispanic?

Here's a newsflash for you... We all are muts. There has been so much cross inter racial breeding that we all are muts. Don't take it the wrong way.

But don't tell me that I'm wrong for noticing what everyone else tries to not mention. I just find it irritating that we are all trying to be so politically correct by calling deaf people Hearing Imparied, when deaf people themselves prefer the term "deaf" to HI.
Learning Impaired, Vertically challenged (short people like me) and the rest of the BS terms that have been created.

AS for me, I'm going to call a spade a spade, and not apologize that its black...

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  1. Although you have a point, i think the reason that so many different ethnicity get bent out of shape about facial generializations streams from the long history of eugenics, which continues today and releases itself though genocides and horrific racist ideology, although i agree that we are becoming too held back by political correctives and that really that in my opinion does not but rather perpuates racist ideology, unfortuntaly there is alot of history behind simple distinctions, as annopying as that may be
    marissa campbell


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