Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things that give me goosebumps...

1) The music at the end of the movie, "The Natural"

2) The scene in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner asks his dad if he wants to play catch

3) The love theme from "Legends of the Fall"

4) Seeing Mickey Mantle in his Yankee pinstripes taking a knee in the on deck circle, and seeing his monument in Centre Field at Yankee Stadium during a day game

5) The last scene from the series finale of The Wonder Years

6) Looking at the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel in the Vatican

7) The Canadian Flag waving in the wind

8) My backyard hockey rink on a brisk cold night under the floodlights

9) The Five for Fighting songs "The Riddle" and "100 Years"

10) The face of a proud parent

11) Love

12) Juno Beach in Normandy and the Canadian Cemetaries in Beny Sur Mer, France

13) Terry Fox

14) Hockey Night in Canada

15) A good campfire surrounded by my friends under the stars

16) Seeing old friends you haven't seen in a long time

17) Having my parents tell me they are proud of me

18) The words "I love you" when directed at you

19) The surreal feeling of front row tickets at a rock concert of your favourite band, or meeting them

20) Shaking hands with your boyhood idol as a man

Feel free to add to this list...

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