Saturday, September 26, 2009

His and Her Beds

I think that the 18 Century Monarchs had it right.

Visiting Versailles just outside of Paris I took a tour of the grounds and the palace itself. There were many absolutely beautiful priceless items of course lovingly preserved for hundreds of years for future benefit for us to enjoy.

Its kind of weird to think that only in this latter half of the century have we had the usual living conditions that we are so used to these days that we can't imagine life without. Things like bathrooms with flushing toilets, showers, electricity, gas heating and furnaces. In many ways, we live better than royalty of an age gone by.

But in one way they still have us beat...

Separate bedrooms. When I saw that Kings and Queens had separate beds I thought it was odd. Why would a married couple not sleep together in a matrimonial bed?

Because they were bloody SMART, that's why!!

As I started to think that every married couple sleeps in the same bed, I figured the whole world has been wired wrong.

Let's not confuse bedroom activities with sleep. After activities are over, we have the obligitory cuddle, followed by the tuck and roll. Its like being in a football huddle. "And Break on 3...1, 2, 3....BREAK!" (Lets be honest, some of us have mastered this art...) A-HEM!!

So why have someone snoring, tossing and turning, talking in their sleep, bad breath breathing on you, waking you up in the morning one hour shy eye of my last hour of REM sleep next to you, when they COULD be sleeping in their own bed waking up restful from a great night's sleep, ready to take on the world and be better rested for further bedroom activities?

THERE IS NO REASON!! We should have his and her beds. I'm advocating it right now. In fact, ever since I've suggested it, I've been sleeping on the couch, so I guess I've already implemented it in my own life sort of unvolunteerily...
Not the way I wanted to start it off, but I guess the end I was seeking.

His and Her beds...coming soon to a venue near you. (If you are lucky)


  1. Fvck that! Separate beds isnt a good idea at all. You lose a certain intimacy and closeness when you and your partner dont share a bed. I cant say I agree with this at all. ( cant just roll over for a piece, you have to get up and move to their bed or make plans for it!)


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