Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fields of Gold

It's one of my most beloved songs....

I'm not a fan of Sting, or his music, but this song will calme-toi me everytime I hear it.

I could be in the worst mood, and this song will hit my heart strings everytime and rescue me from dispair. I hear it and immediately I see castles and an early roman-celtic Britain in open lush fields like you see in the movie Braveheart. Its like a river of thought that flows gently and serenely in my mind that takes me back to my younger days.

I remember being in Europe in the summer of '98 and I was on a train bound for Rome and it broke down in the middle of a gorgeous field in July. It was hot, so we all got out of the car and I sat with my journal in my lap on that sunny day and looked at that beautiful field and this song played on my walkman. I wrote about it and if I could paint, I could tell you everything that was in that picture. I carry it with me to this day.

But perhaps the most picturesque view I see is the one that described this song. I was on the Olympic Ski Jump in Lillehammer, Norway and it overlooked the small town where the Olympics were years before. At the bottom of the Ski Jump was a massive yellow field which truly was a field of Gold. The sun danced on that field all day on that August afternoon and I took many pictures to capture it. Behind it lay the town of Lillehammer and a beautiful mountain range with a aqua blue river running through it. Looking back, I was sad that I never had someone to share this moment with. But now it seems like a moment that was best appreciated as a time in which I was happy to be me, all alone.

A couple of lines in this song that move me...

"many years have passed since those summer days among the fields of barley"

As I have aged 10 years since those days, I feel that those were the happiest, most carefree days of my life. And I will always live as a 26 year old.

"Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth"

I think that this visual has me seeing that first passionate kiss between a couple that invokes such excitement that the body takes over and breathes new life into her lungs as their lips meet. The anticipation creates this energy and if you have ever yearned to kiss someone so badly, this is the feeling you will feel.

"You'll remember me when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley. You can tell the sun in his jealous sky when we walked in fields of Gold"

Powerfully intense.

I could say that these were my dying, and last words to those who loved me...

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