Monday, September 7, 2009

The Week of American Conspiracy Theories

I thought that with the season of summer coming to an inevitable end, and with Fall creeping upon us, I would start a theme for this week in my blogs.

As TV starts with it's premiers for the upcoming seasons, American and NCAA Football seasons starting, I thought I would start a new season for my blog.
So this week, I will tackle a different conspiracy theory that has eluded proof and created controversy. These topics are hot issues with people; They have been around for a few years and many decades, but still stir it up when talked about.

I don't have the proof that would obviously prove these topics, but I will offer my stance on the issue. In many cases, I think that there is much, much more than all the evidence in each case offers. But for the most part, I don't think there will ever be a true story, just a way to pick a side and stimulate debate.

I sometimes get disallusioned that there are so many cover-ups, and that the citizens of their own countries get lied to as much as we do. For the most part, I honestly think that I would rather not know the crap that goes on everyday in politics and with celebrities so that I will think that my world is never out of control. So, in my case, I would think that I choose ignorance rather than being subjected to the real truth of things such as Assassinations, the causes of war, genoside, and other complexities that create such calamaties that require such cover-ups.

So this each day this week, I will profile a different conspiracy theory that has been a great cause of debate and will continue to do so many years after we are all gone from this earth.

I hope you can join in and comment with your own opinions and theories.

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  1. So I guess we have to wait until tomorrow for the first one? What's it gonna be? You have me intrigued!!


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